A Not-So-Normal Day at the Mall

June 6, 2015

What a day this day! Who would have thought that my unplanned, mindless browsing at the make up area in a department store turned out to be a “special” moment for me? I seriously dunno if I seem lucky or very gullible to have an instant make over at a public place where practically everyone is watching. There was even an old lady who stopped in front of me while I was being worked on and just watched me until I get finished. A bit creepy, but thankfully she’s a really nice, smiling lady so I guess she was just admiring the work. LOL.

My grandma and I were heading home after visiting our relatives, and decided to stop by at SM North EDSA to cool ourselves down from the smoldering heat while commuting. And I thought of “window-shopping” for make up items to be used for my graduation.

So I passed by a Nyx Cosmetics kiosk, and a saleslady (Mhay Valeriano) offered me a nice foundation and she asked me to allow her to test it on my face. I agreed, since she said she will only put it on my jawline. But then, while she was talking to my grandma, she went a bit far and covered half of my face…. and things got a little out of control and she rubbed the foundation cream on my whole face. Apparently, a lot of customers stopped by in front of the kiosk and became interested with the product so I guess Ate Mhay consciously continued doing the make up on me while more customers are coming by at the kiosk (I seriously think I should be paid for this joke!)

Anyway, I’m still grateful for the make up service, which for me was very nice. But I’m not really fond of getting heavy make up. A BB cream is already enough for me. 🙂

Special thanks to Ms. Valeriano. 😀

Make up by Mhay Valeriano
Make up by Mhay Valeriano

First Entry

Yesterday was Independence Day, and I spent the whole time sitting at home and watching movies. One of those was Begin Again (starring Keira Knightley, Adam Levine and Mark Ruffalo). There was a scene at the first part where Keira was singing in a bar where Mark Ruffalo discovered her talent, and the song’s lyrics was,

“Are you ready for the last act? To take a step that you can’t take back?”

It made a fair impact on me, on how a piece of lyric could beautifully describe what I feel right now. At this age, and a graduating status, I feel like standing on a cross road – not sure exactly where to go. Before, I strongly decided to take a straight path (pursuing medicine after Bio), but then unfortunate things happen and it became impossible, and I was not prepared to go for a detour. Somehow at one point I got lost. I don’t know where to go. I have to think of other ways to do besides entering Med school – get a nice job at a famous pharma company, do a networking business, try advertising, take a Masters Degree, work abroad… etc. There was a point when I get enthusiastic that I wanted to do them all at once, but there was also a point where I don’t want to care much about my life anymore. But one thing is for sure – whatever step I’ll take, whatever choice I’ll make, it would determine my destiny and there’s no turning back.

I really feel the character in the movie. And now, I’m taking one step that could possibly change my life (or not). Haha. I would like to start blogging.

When I was a kid, I use to keep a small journal or diary with me, and I write stuff that happened in a particular day. Sometimes I write everyday, sometimes I write only when I’m sad or extremely happy. Sometimes I write if a moment is worth recording. Sometimes I write in extreme detail (time of the day, weather, color of shirt, etc.), but mostly in an ordinary way. I never tried blogging them online, but I realize that it’s a better way of keeping memories and stuff and somehow the people could (or could not) learn something about me and the stuff I do.

So yeah, welcome to my blog! And this is my first entry. Sorry for my poor writing skills. I hope that it would develop eventually, while writing the next posts.